Importance of Spanish language

The second most spoken language in the world

Why you should study spanish?

One important reason why you should study Spanish is that the Spanish language is known as one of the happiest languages in the world.
Another point is that nowadays Spanish has become one of the most spoken languages, just after Chinese. There are around 20 Spanish speaking countries, spread around America, Europe and Africa. And if we count countries as The United States where you can find a lot of Spanish speakers, Spanish might have reached even more countries.
The importance of Spanish has been growing notoriously all around for different purposes: commerce, tourism, studies, etc. So you have to keep in mind that is a language that might become as important as English someday in the future.
If you are planing to visit any Spanish speaking country, learning the language will  be very helpful for you as it will open your doors to enjoy your stay and the different cultural activities that the country can offer.  
Finally, let’s not forget that Spanish belongs to the group of romance languages like French, Italian and Portuguese, so by knowing Spanish you can be able to know the basics of the majority of languages belonging to this group and It can be a big help in your future language learning.

Why Peruvian Spanish?

Spanish is spoken in around 20 countries, Then why you should learn Peruvian Spanish?
The big difference with Peruvian Spanish, especially from Lima, is that this Spanish does not have a strong accent as Spanish in many other countries.
You will find a lot of different ways of talking in Spanish in all the Spanish speaking countries, and each of them has a very special, and sometimes different, ways of treating the language; however Peruvian Spanish count with the most neutral kind of Spanish that can be easily  understood in all Spanish speaking countries, because of the good pronunciation and correct use of vocabulary.

Why you should study with us?

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